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H. 264 Ip Encoder

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Basic InfoModel NO.:JXDH-6202IIISHMAudio:AAC, MPEG-1 LayeriiVideo:HDMI, Cvbs, SdiInterface:Sdi in, HDMI in, Cvbs in, IP Output, AsiAccess:IP Network AccessAnalog Inputs:8 ChannelsProtocol:H.264 High Profile 5.0, BpBit Rate:200kpbs-8Mbps Adjustable  2015 IP Output hd ip video encoder,h.264 iptv encoder,video encoder systems JXDH-6202IIISHM H.264 IP Encoder                     Outline                                                                                       JXDH-6202IIISHM live encoder is a latest H.264 IPTV encoder be published by our company1)supports HDMI, SDI , CVBS signal input etc2)supports HDMI and SDI Embedded Audio input,3)supports left and right channel l inear audio input,4)supports H.264-HP,BP and other encoding mode, support HD encoding,5)support simultaneous multiple bit rate encoding, encoding delay is less than 200ms,6)supports 1080P 60 frames input source,7)supports 1080I, 720p,720I,576I, 480I and other signal source input, output bit rate, resolution can be customized, GOP length also can be customized.     Features                                                                                    1.High-definition, low stream: using the most advanced encoding video compression standard H.264-HP (High-Profi le), to achieve high-definition signals, low bit rate encoding transmission;2.Support setting DHCP, PPPoE, set a fixed IP and other network access methods; 3.Ful l interface support, support for SDI, HDMI, CVBS, and other input sources, automatical ly identify variety of input signals ,convenient for carry portable broadcast appl ications;4.Supports SDI/HDMI embedded audio input, also supports l inear two-channel stereo audio input, support for audio input audio gain function, you can increase or decrease the volume5.Support video brightness, contrast, sharpness and other parameters to adjust, video fl ip, mirror, and other special effects, video and audio bit rate adjustment, video support 100kpbs to 20Mbps adjustable, audio support 32k, 64k, 128k, 256k adjustable;6.Support OSD function can be superimposed subtitles, time information;7.Support unicast, multicast and broadcast transmission and also support a variety streaming media protocol(RTSP, RTMP, HTTP, TS and others); It can push l ive stream directly to many streaming media servers, l ike Flash Media Server,Media Server,RED5 and so on; Played by the a variety player(Windows Media Player, Flash Player, VLC etc.);8.System uses a high-performance DSP processing chip, higher coding efficiency and transmission efficiency, real-time, video, audio, good synchronization delay is less than 300ms; 9.Supports transparent data transmission (RS232), supports the standard PTZ control protocol that can meet a variety of applications10.The output video resolution can be customized, and supports sim resolutions, three different network video bit-rate stream, under the  conditions  to meet  different  network  requirements 11.Provide a dedicated decoder plugin ,support http to access low-streams, allowing the client to record the live stream , you can set the  recording tasks. 12.Provide a client SDK, available to meet client decoding, recording,  PTZ control and other needs; 13.Equipped with front LCD panel, the device front panel control   device can be achieved through any connected computer browser to access the equipment, to  control of the encoder; 14.Perfect log information query, you can query the user access, sign  flow  release  status  and  other information;15.Bui lt-in SD card,it can realize the simultaneous encoding video 16.Bui lt-AMS + streaming media server software, to achieve rtsp, rtmp, top boxes, tablet PCs, PC machines and other forms of access; 17.Support online upgrade, online maintenance. Specifications ItemindexSignal Input Interface,HDMI,CVBS ,1-8 routes audio and video (Dualsound channel audio) inputSignal output interface1-8 RJ45 100M network interfaceFrame rate25 frames /s(P format),30 frames /s(N format)Video StandardSupport NTSC or PAL formatGOP structureadjustableresolutionPAL:720×576,NTSC:720×480The default video coding algorithm H.264 High Profile 5.0,BP(Baseline Profile)ImageAdjustmentBrightness, contrast, hue, saturation, image quality level AdjustmentEncodingmodeSupport CBR/VBRAutomatically detects resolutionSupportColor Quality256 colors, 16-bit, 32-bit color supportPicture delay< 200ms(LAN)protocolSupport IP/TCP,RTMP,HTTP etcAudio algorithmsAACAudio sampling rate44.1K,48K adjustableAudio bit rate64K 96k,128K,192K adjustableBit rate200kpbs-8Mbps adjustableperformance The maximum output frame rate is 30fps,the minimum bandwidth is 32KbpsEmbedded WEB service Support IE browser, Firefox, Maxthon,Opera browse,configure, upgradeThe maximum number of user connections1Working temperature-20~70°CRelative Humidity5~95%weight1.5kgpowerAC110V~240V-50/60HzPower Consumption

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