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H05rn-f Tpye Vde Standard Rubber Power Cord

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Applications and FeaturesRubber thread called rubber cord or rubber power cord,Website:http://www.powercords-tek.com, because of its resistance to the upper and lower temperature, generally used in various fieldsProduct UsageAC rated voltage of 300V / 500V and 450 / 750V and below the power plant, household appliances, power tools, construction machinery and interior lighting requirements of soft or mobile sites, for electrical cable or wiring.Cable characteristics1. cable long-term allowable working temperature should not exceed 105 ℃.2. The cable has a certain degree of weathering resistance and a certain degree of oil resistance. Or contact with oil for outdoor occasions.3. The cable is flame retardant, reached GB / T18380.1-2001 single vertical burning requirements.4. cable at 20 ℃, insulating core insulation resistance of 50MΩKM above.5. Electrical equipment and tools with cable, can withstand greater mechanical force action.Features: very soft rubber, good elasticity, cold, heat, oil, UV-resistant, good flexibility, high strength, which is not generally comparable plastic line.Rubber Cable ModelRubber thread in different countries have different models, each corresponding to a certification by the certification only to meet the country's import conditions. The following are common models:China CCC certification --YZ YZW, 60245 IEC57 YZW, 60245IEC 53YZ, YC YCW 345IE C66 YCW, YQ, YQWEuropean VDE certification --H03RN-F, H05RN-F, H05RR-F, HO7RN-F, S05RN-F, H03RT-HAmerican UL certification --SJ, SJO, SJOW, S, SO, SOW, SOOW, HPN, SJOOW, SOOWJapan PSE certification --HHFF, PNCTFK.

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