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Halal Frozen Whole Chicken

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we can supply various frozen chicken cuts such as;

1. frozen whole chicken
2. frozen chicken feet
3. frozen chicken paws
4. frozen chicken breast
5. frozen chicken thighs
6. frozen chicken drumstick
7. frozen chicken leg quatars
8. frozen chicken wings


and all other chicken parts.


- (halal hand slaughter chicken griller by islamic tradition.)
 - moisture 2% 3- valid for muslim consumption
 - well cleaned and fresh
 - no bruise
 - no broken bones (less than 0%)
 - no black flaw
 - no amount of moisture (less than 3%)
 - white skin
 - no broken bones
 - outer yellow skin off
 - well cleaned and fresh
 - no bruises
 - no black pads or ammonia burns
 - no bad smells
 - no broken bones, dry,
 -the humidity of less than 5%,
 - frozen and fresh 100%,sa

we are producers of certified halal frozen chicken products .our product packaging is versatile and unique which prevents the products from going bad by serving well for storage purposes. we have built efficient cold storage units in our factories, where we store our processed meat until shipment time.our facilities are certified to meet food safety and quality standards along with being a halal producer of chicken products.

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