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Handheld Metal Spectrometer

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Overview:i-CHEQX offer you the highest analytical stability and precision — with the pull of a trigger, the i-CHEQ alloy analyzer quantifies nearly any element, from Magnesium to Plutonium. Whether in the scrap yard or on the manufacturing floor, i-CHEQX alloy analyzer quickly and accurately identify alloy grades and distinguish between alloy families.Features1. The Powerful Handheld XRF that Can Be Taken Anywhere2. Characterized by high sensitivity, short measurement times, and simple operation.3. High resolution PDA, coupled with mini multi-channel analyzer via Bluetooth communication, keeps the measurement data in hands under any circumstances.4. Able to do rapid analysis in handheld mode or long time precise analysis in the test stand provided.5. Our rugged military inspired design makes the instrument highly resistant to Shock, Moisture and Humidity, dust, High or Low temperature and Altitude changes.5. Powerful Analysis Software enables the user to quickly identify alloys as well as any elements from Mg through Pu in PPM amounts.6. Full GPS integration for combining analysis data with location coordinates, enabling site mapping7. All test methods are FREE TO ADD. Specifications:Excitation Range40KV,100mA, 4W (per application) X-ray TubeDetectorHigh sensitivity Si-Pin DetectorAnalytical RangeFrom Mg to PuWeight

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