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Handheld Pda Battery

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If you are checking China handheld pda battery, portable computer battery manufacturer and supplier, or handheld pda battery chinese factory, please feel free to contact M-Batt Electronics, we are always at your service.Operating temperature Charging:0℃~45℃Discharging:0℃~45℃Storage temperature -20℃~ +60℃Storage Humidity : 20~85%RH (not condensed)Charging and Discharging1. Do use suitable charger and charge with specified voltage , current and temperature, humidity.We strongly recommend the smart battery charger.Never attempt reverse charging.Avoid over-charging.4. Do not discharge the pack under over-discharge voltage.5. Over-discharging may cause loss of performance, characteristics of the pack function.6. Mechanical shock protection7. Otherwise, it may cause shape distortion, leakage, heat generation and/or rupture.For Safety1. Do not short-circuit with metal wire, necklace, chains or any conductors.2. Do not drop the pack from height.3. Do not twist or bend the pack.4. Do not disassemble the pack.5. Do not use the pack when something abnormal is found such as smells,deformation, discoloration,and so on.6. When the electrolyte leakage occurs, do not touch the liquid.7. Do not soak in water or get it wet.8. Do not have the pack in the hot-temperature (more than 60℃).9. Do not put the pack into fire.10. Do not crush/nail the pack.11. Do not apply solder directly to the pack.12. Do not charge the pack nearby the fire or under the blazing sun.13. Do not drive a nail into the pack, strike it by hammer, or tread it.14. Do not give the pack impact or throw it.15. Do not use the pack for other equipment.

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