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Handheld Telephone Set

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Equipped with productive handheld telephone set factory and company, Fenghuo Hongsheng is one of the leading China army phone, military phones, field telephones for sale, phones for military manufacturers and suppliers. Welcome to contact us. Model HAG-1 Handheld Telephone Set has the function of redialing and mute, can be used for PTSN communication, as well as vehicle borne telephone set. It is rational in structure, unique in modeling, flexible in keystroke, comfortable in holding, easy in operation. It has good performance for anti- damage, humidity proof and rain proof. Main Technical Specifications: Operating temperature:-40℃~+55℃ Dimensions:202mm×80mm×64mm Table 1 Transmission Characteristics Length of Simulated User’s line  0Km  5Km  Tx Loudness Evaluation Value (dB)  ≥5  ≤15  Rx Loudness Evaluation Value (dB)  ≥-7  ≤2  Side Tone Shielding Evaluation Value (dB)  ≥6  ≥12  DTMF Dialing 1. See table 2 for frequencies combination of DTMF signal. The deviation of single frequency among DTMF signal shall be within the range of ±1.5% of rated frequency. Table 2 Frequency combination of DTMF signal LFs(Hz) HFs(Hz) 1209 1336 1477 Digit or Symbol 697 1 2 3 770 4 5 6 852 7 8 9 941 * 0 # 2. Level of DTMF (operation current is 35mA) Level of LFs:(-9±3)dBm  Level of HFs:(-7±3)dBm The quantity level of HFs is(2±1)dB higher than that of LFs.  3. Ring characteristics Ring sensitivity≤100mVA Sound Level of Ring≥70dB

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