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Hard Type Hyperbaric Chamber For Brain Injury

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Hyperbaric oxygen has an important role in the treatment of brain injuryHyperbaric oxygen therapy may help in restoring brain activity by offering a significant energy boost to the brain cells. The brain obviously receives oxygen through normal breathing, however, that oxygen is not sufficient for repairing brain damage. HBOT offers many times of the normal oxygen amount, which enables the brain cells move to high-gear. This rebuilds the brain connections and stimulates the inactive neurons.Forty sessions, sixty minutes each given over 10 to 12 weeks is usually a very good place to start. some may choose to do more after they see improvements and can expect further improvements.Chamber Size 210(Length)X76( Width)X80(Height)cmChamber Volume About 900LChamber Weight About 90kgControl System Size 22(Length)X54(Width)X50(Height)cmControl System Weight 33kgPower AC220V 500Hz 750WMaterial Stainless steel S316Air Flow 70L/minSafety Device Automatic Pressure Relief Valve, Air Deflate Valve, Emergency Pressure Relief ValvePressure 1.2ATA,1.3ATA,1.5ATASession Time 20 – 180 minutesFittings Walkie-talkie,, Timer,    Air conditioning, Oxygen Concentrator, Anion, Reading lamps

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