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Hastelloy Wire Mesh

Product Description

Hastelloy Mesh provides intense resistance to the wide corrosion media including pitting corrosion and crevice corrosion. It strictly resists the stress corrosion cracking and oxidizing aqueous solutions. It offers tremendous resistance to hydrates chlorine, nitric acid and oxidizing acids and chlorides and reduction and oxidation media. So Hastelloy is suitable to perform in the rigorous conditions.

The Hastelloy Mesh is used in the different chemical processing operations. It provides large resistance to the rigorous oxidizers like ferric and cupric chloride, organic and inorganic acid, formic and acetic acid and acetic anhydride. It fits best in the several industrial applications.

Mesh Specifications
Mesh Size 0.2Mesh/Inch to 250Mesh/Inch
Thickness 0.1mm-5.0mm
Aperture Rate 10%-90%

Corrosion Resistance Properties of Hastelloy Mesh
1.Reduction and oxidation conditions
2.Pitting and crevice corrosion
3.Stress corrosion cracking, oxidizing aqueous media.
4.Hydrates chlorine and nitric acid and other oxidizing acids and chlorine ions
5. Various chemical processing’s such as strong oxidizers like ferric and cupric chloride
6. Formic and acetic acids and acetic anhydride

Applications of Hastelloy Mesh:
1. Drugs manufacturing
2. Cellophane preparation
3. Chlorination devices
4. Pesticide processing
5. Incineration scrubber apparatus

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