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Haze Greenhouse Glass

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Haze Greenhouse GlassThickness: 3.2mm,Website:http://www.migoglass.com, 4.0mmApplications: Roofs of Greenhouse projects                Side walls of Greenhouse projectsEvery plant is unique. Some need plenty of sunlight such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, while others prefer more shade such as broccoli, orchids,cut flowers and nursery plants. For those sun-sensitive plants, MIGO Haze Glass is the perfect choice. ●MIGO Haze Greenhouse Glass has been chemically treated to make the glass surface low gloss. This glass not only provides a lot of diffuse light in greenhouse but also gives much more shade spaces. MIGO Haze glass is the best solution to those shade-requiring plants.●MIGO Haze Greenhouse Glass has a haze factor of 50% and 70%. Diffusion of light is indicated by a haze factor. The higher the haze, the greater the diffusion. Blank float glass does not diffuse the light and therefore has a haze factor of 0%. Generally speaking, the higher the haze value, the lower the light transmission.●The correct combination of haze value and light transmission depends on the crop, the location, local climate and the growing strategy,Thickness  3.2mm +/- 0.2mm;  4mm +/- 0.2mmTolerance of length and width+/- 1mmDiagonal Tolerance≤ 0.2

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