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Hdpe Milk Bottle Scrap

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We sell HDPE Milk Bottle SCrap

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WASTE EFFICIENCY RESOURCE LIMITED are exporters of below materials, in case you Are interested to save money in importing the following materials below ? LDPE film 100% clean and clear transparent stock lots - ABS Scrap - Color Concentrate Pellets - Commingle PP and PET Straps - EPS Blocks / EPS Purge - HDPE Film in Bales / HDPE Film on Rolls / HDPE Mix Grade Regrind/ HDPE Pallets/ HDPE Pill Bottle Bales - LDPE A Grade Film on Rolls / LDPE Baled Film (A Grade) / LDPE Baled Film Nat (A Grade) / LDPE Pellets Nat - HDPE Bottles - LDPE Film Scrap - Electric Motor Scrap - Aluminium Extrusion - Aluminium UBC scrap - Aluminium Turning scrap - Used conveyor belts - PET strips - Cast Iron Scrap, Scrap Carbide - PET bottle scrap - Drained Battery Scrap - baby diapers - Copper wire scrap - Fridge Compressor Scrap - Used Rail Way - HMS 1&2 - Nylon Pellets - PC and PMMA Sign Scrap / PC Pellets / PC-PET Pellets - PET Fiber Rolls / PET Natural Short Fiber Bales / PET Rolls - PP Pellets Mix / PP Pellets Natural / PP Supersacks - PVC Powder / PVC Regrind / PVC Scrap / - Aluminum Cans/Aluminum 6063 - PET Bottles - Silicone Scrap - Rubber Foam Scrap - Bitumen - Antioxidant RD Plastic Film Roll, prime trims, job lot, stock lot, printers excess, obsolete inventory, printed and laminated rolls. Used Refrigerator compressor and A/C compressor scraps If you need the above material, please inform us,we can offer you a better quality with a good competitive prices. Please write us with your email and phone number for more imformation and fast reply.

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Waste Efficiency Resource Limited
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Richard Parry