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Hdpe/ppr Pipe

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Product Description

Pipes Introduction

The PP-R Stable Pipe with Aluminum is a new kind of pipe whose inner parts outer layer is coated by an anti-creep layer, the outest layer is coated by PP-R or PE as protection, and combined by hot-melt glue between layers. It has following advantages:
1) 2/3~4/5 lower coefficient of thermal expansion than common pipe, better anti-creep, same strength as metal pipe, nice installation, good stability.
2) High pressure resistance, high shock resistance
3) UV-resistance, long service life
4) A healthy environmental protection product (health, no chemical reaction, no oxidation, accordance with GB/T17219-1998 Stardand) is suitable to be applied in food industry and drinking-water supply.
5) Capability to be buried under ground . and to be detected by metal detector
6) All advantages of common PP-R pipe

Line Introduction

The production lines are used to make the stabilized PPR pipes.This kind of pipes are PPR pipes wrapped by an aluminum foil, which makes the pipes having an excellent high creep resistance.And the thermo-expansion factor of the pipes is only 1/3 of the ordinary PPR pipes.Therefore, the pipes can be applied to inclement and changeable environment.

Perfect aluminum foil wrapping process,
Perfect aluminum foil over-lap adhere technology,
High performance PPR extruder,
High operating reliability, yielding high quality pipes continuously,
Precision aluminum foil wrapping tools based on know-how,
Different aluminum foils can be used,
Automatic control by touch-screen,
NC control system based on PLC control,
Can be extended to produce PE or PPR pipes

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