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Heat Patch

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Product Description
Feature ● thin and soft● can give out heat at once● The highest temperature it can achieve is 65 degrees centigrade and its average heat for non-skin direct● It is about 40-46 degrees centigrade for skin direct. It can continually give out heat for 12 hours● It can keep your body warm all the timeConditions: ● arthritis ● rheumatism ● stomach pain ● cervical vertebra trouble● strain of muscles● menstrualDirection for use: 1.Open it and remove the pouch from the plastic wrapper.Do not open the cloth pouch.2.Stick it and remove the paper backing and place the adhesive side of the body heat patch on the outside of your clothes anywhere.3.Hint: After adhesive it to clothes, body heat patch can take up to 20 minutes to reach maximum heatDetails:①Check here②Check here③Check here

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