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Heat Pipe Solar Collector

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Product Description
.table{ border-collapse:collapse;} .table td, .table th{ border:1px solid #cdcdcd; padding:5px;}Heat pipe solar collectorFeature:1.twin-glass evacuated tubes:Reliable, efficient, High temperature resistantanti-freezing.2.There is no water in the vacuum tube, it can still work even one tube is broken.3.red copper Heat pipe, φ14x70 condensor,one-way transferring, fast heat transfer speed, less heat loss, low temperature resistance, it can be used in -35 degrees. 4.aluminum alloy manifold and bracket, corrosion resistance, easy to install. It can be installed both on flat roof and inclined roof5.high temperature resistant rock wool / glass cotton insulating layer, high density, good thermal insulation properties.6.high quality copper heat exchanger, it can withstand 1MPa.7.SOLARKEYMARK certification.8.Eco and economical, Improves the environment and save your fuel cost.9.24 mm diameter condensor, large heat exchange area, higher heat transfer power.Working principle:the vacuum tube absorbs solar radiation and transform into heat, pass to the fin by the tube wall, and then transfer to the heat pipe by the fin, after heat pipe absorbs heat, heat pipe end (evaporation section) vaporization, transfer to condensor, then circulation because of gravity, heating the water(medium) in the manifold.Technical data:.table{ border-collapse:collapse;} .table td, .table th{ border:1px solid #cdcdcd; padding:5px;}ModelSC-H-10SC-H-15SC-H-18SC-H-20SC-H-24SC-H-25SC-H-30Vacuum tube quantity(pcs)10151820242530Tube spacing (㎜)75Vacuum tube diameter/length(㎜)φ58/1700Vacuum tube material high borosilicate glass 3.3Vacuum tube inner/outer pipe wall thickness(㎜)1.6/1.8Heat pipe condensing end diameter/length(㎜)φ14/1750heat pipe material/wall thickness(㎜)Copper tp2/0.6inner tank diameter/wall thickness(㎜)φ35/1.0connector sizeφ22 or 3/4″collector insulation material/thickness(㎜)Rock wool /40solar collector rated pressure(MPa)0.6collector operating temperature℃ <100collector volume(L)0.690.981. aperture area(㎡)11.51.822.42.53collector total area(㎡)1.562.32.743.043.633.774.51referral traffic(L/min)0.751.131.351.51.811.882.26intensity pressure(Pa) efficient η00.7440.7440.7440.7440.7440.7440.744heat loss coefficient a2. power(W)1000W/㎡ irradiation62087010471165140114571748collector net weight(kg)38.2550.7559.7564.757983.3598.7

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