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Heat Pipe Solar Water Heater

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.table{ border-collapse:collapse;} .table td, .table th{ border:1px solid #cdcdcd; padding:5px; word-break: break-all; word-wrap: break-word;}heat pipe solar water heater1.Electrical heater   2.Water outlet   3.Drain vent   4.Sensor hole   5.Water inlet   6.P/T ValveFeature1.Glass vacuum tube solar collector, high temperature,antifreeze,vacuum insulation.2.Copper heat pipe,Start up quickly,transfers heat quickly, low start-up temperature,low temperature resistant3.Food-grade stainless-steel SUS304 2B inner tank,full-automatic welding technology,under the protection of magnesium rod,it can increase of service life.4.High pressure polyurethane foaming insulation,as the prefect density and the thermal conductivity coefficient is small, so it can provide effective heat preservation 5.The outer tank is color steel plate,and it has good double anti-corrosion function.6.Gravity assisted heat pipe, unilateral heat transfer,high efficiency,low heat loss.7. work under pressure,withstand pressure 1.0MPa,The sensation will be more comfortable.table{ border-collapse:collapse;} .table td, .table th{ border:1px solid #cdcdcd; padding:5px;}Item Technical Data:.table{ border-collapse:collapse;} .table td, .table th{ border:1px solid #cdcdcd; padding:5px;}Specification& modelSP-H-15SP-H-18SP-H-20SP-H-24SP-H-25SP-H-30Full system parameter    Tube QTY(pcs)151820242530Tube spacing㎜)757575757575WATER TANK    Net Volume of StorageTank(L)125145160190200235Diamater ofinner/outer Tank(㎜)φ360/φ470φ360/φ470φ360/φ470φ360/φ470φ360/φ470φ360/φ470material and thickness ofinner tank(㎜)SUS304 /t1.2SUS304 /t1.2SUS304 /t1.2SUS304 /t1.2SUS304 /t1.2SUS304 /t1.2material of outer tankcolor steel plate  t0.45color steel plate  t0.45color steel plate  t0.45color steel plate  t0.45color steel plate  t0.45color steel plate  t0.45material of insulationpolyurethane polyurethane polyurethane polyurethane polyurethane polyurethane Size of electricalheater hole 11/4″11/4″11/4″11/4″11/4″11/4″Cold water inlet hole3/4″3/4″3/4″3/4″3/4″3/4″Hot water outlet hole3/4″3/4″3/4″3/4″3/4″3/4″T/P valve hole3/4″3/4″3/4″3/4″3/4″3/4″Drain vent hole andMagnisium hole3/4″3/4″3/4″3/4″3/4″3/4″Sensor hole1/2″1/2″1/2″1/2″1/2″1/2″Vacuum Tube    Diameter/Length(㎜)φ58/1800φ58/1800φ58/1800φ58/1800φ58/1800φ58/1800MaterialHigh boron and silicon glass 3.3 High boron and silicon glass 3.3 High boron and silicon glass 3.3 High boron and silicon glass 3.3 High boron and silicon glass 3.3 High boron and silicon glass 3.3 Outside thickness(㎜) thickness(㎜) transmissionrate≥0.90≥0.90≥0.90≥0.90≥0.90≥0.90Vacuum degree (Pa)<10^-2<10^-2<10^-2<10^-2<10^-2<10^-2Coating absorption≥0.90≥0.90≥0.90≥0.90≥0.90≥0.90Coating emittance≤0.07≤0.07≤0.07≤0.07≤0.07≤0.07Average heat losscoefficient≤0.75W/(㎡·℃)≤0.75W/(㎡·℃)≤0.75W/(㎡·℃)≤0.75W/(㎡·℃)≤0.75W/(㎡·℃)≤0.75W/(㎡·℃)Frame2 feets ( left-to-right )3 feets ( left-middle-right )Material Galvanized steel t1.2Galvanized steel t1.2Galvanized steel t1.2Galvanized steel t1.2Galvanized steel t1.2Galvanized steel t1.2Angle 45°45°45°45°45°45°Tube support Specification/hole distance(㎜)φ58/75φ58/75φ58/75φ58/75φ58/75φ58/75Accessories:    Tube sealing ringSilicon rubber/φ58Silicon rubber/φ58Silicon rubber/φ58Silicon rubber/φ58Silicon rubber/φ58Silicon rubber/φ58Tube dusting ringsSilicon rubber/φ58Silicon rubber/φ58Silicon rubber/φ58Silicon rubber/φ58Silicon rubber/φ58Silicon rubber/φ58Tube holderABS/φ58ABS/φ58ABS/φ58ABS/φ58ABS/φ58ABS/φ58Item Size::a   (㎜)138516101760206021352510b   (㎜)111013351485178518602235c   (㎜)170017001700170017001700c/2 (㎜)——————892.59301255d   (㎜)143014301430143014301430

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