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Heat-resistance Epoxy Potting Sealant

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If you are planning to wholesale best cheap and high quality heat-resistance epoxy potting sealant China, or hot sale heat-resistance epoxy potting sealant in China from professional heat-resistance epoxy potting sealant manufacturers and suppliers and factory, please feel free to contact SEPNA, and welcome to check products price with us.Heat-resistance Epoxy Potting Sealant SE2209◆Detailed Product DescriptionSE2209 is two component excellent adhesion and Heat-resistance Solvent-free Room Temperature Curable Epoxy Potting Sealant.Features1.Good toughness, high hardness2.Excellent adhesion, resistance to cracking3.Excellent electrical insulation properties, stability4.High thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient5.Higher Tg, can be used in the -60 ℃ -200℃ long-term6.Good waterproof, moisture resistance, low water absorption UseIt is suitable for high thermal conductivity packaging protection product requirements in automotive electronics.◆Data TableProperties before curingSE2209ASE2209BAppearanceLittle yellow liquidBrown liquidViscosity, mPa.s(25℃)10,000-15,00050-100Density,  g/cm3(25℃)1.10±0.051.05±0.05Mixture/mass ratio, weight100 : 25Viscosity after mixing, mPa.s (25℃)4000±500Operation time 25℃,hr1Gel time 25℃,hr5Properties after curingHardness, Shore D≥90Thermal  conductivity,  W/mK0.27Expansion coefficient, μm/(m,℃)210Glass transition temperature , ℃155Tensile-shear strength Mpa, Fe / Fe≥10Dielectric strength, KV/mm,25℃≥20Loss factor(1 MHz)(25℃)0.09Dielectric constant (1 MHz)(25℃)2.9Volume resistance DC500V, Ω·cm1.2×10152.00E +15Note:①All data above were tested under standardized condition.②All data listed in the chart were for the generalized item in the series; please refer to the related data sheet for special items.③Storage condition has a direct impact to the products’ shelf life, Please refer to the instruction for special items’ storing◆Operation1.Mixing: Stirring A component evenly in the original package, then A, B components according to the weight ratio of 4:1 are weighed and mixed.2.Using it after stirring evenly and vacuum defoamation, finished within 60 mins.3.If necessary, the device with good sealing can continue to vacuumize , is helpful to increase the electrical properties of the device.4.The curing conditions: 80 ℃/2hrs or 25 ℃/24hrs.5.For the use of glue equipment please consult our marketing department.◆Package and StoragePackage                                             A component : 4kg/ bucket (plastic bucket)         B component : 1kg/ bottle                           StorageSeal and Avoid light and lightTemperature≤25℃, humidity≤50%RH                                                    Shelf life: Part A 12months, Part B 6 months◆Safety Operation MaterialMSDS isn't included here. Please read TDS, MSDS and label carefully before operation.You can get MSDS from Sepuna or other distributors, or mail to service center sepuna@sepuna.cn, or call +86-400-882-1323.◆Product WarrantyAll product properties and application details based on information believe to be reliable and accurate. But you still need to test its property and safety before application. The advices we supply don't apply in any circumstances. Sepuna don't make assurance of any other applications outside the specification until Sepuna supply a special written guarantee. Sepuna is only responsible to replace or refund if this product is defective within the warranty period stated above. Sepuna makes it clear that will not be liable of any accidents.

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