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Heated Magic Anti-wrinkle Machine

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Product Description
heated Magic Anti-wrinkle machine 1. Intelligent design, working automatically. No switch at all 2. 158times/s vibration massage to help your skin relieve tension. 3. Iontophoresis and vibration massage function, anti-wrinkle effect of skin care essence or wrinkle care cream will be doubled at the help of this product. 4. Introduce nutrition into skin basal layer, refresh skin around eyes; improve blood circulation and lymph dredge, reduce eye puffiness, eliminate eye pouch and remove wrinkles. 5. Mini&smart massage head, compatible with face T-zone part fully 6. Considerate protection cap as accessory to avoid massage head from scratched. To prevent vibration and consume battery electricity when touched carelessly 7. Nice looking and ergonomic design ,easy to use.

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