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Heavy Duty Traverse&3-axis Servo Robot

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Product Description
Heavy Duty Traverse & 3-Axis Servo RobotFeature: Frame structure and sub-arm is optional.Drive: 1-Axis Servo Series, X axis and Y axis are Pneumatic.Suitable: Molds don’t need to be changed frequently, longer cycle time, and high precision.Optional Accessories: Pneumatic C-axis, clamp group.GENERAL SPEIFICATIONSModelARH1100DWARH1300DWARH1500DWARH1700DWARH2000MWARH2500MWARH3000MWRecommended IMM(TON)350~550400~700650~11001000~16001600~22002000~30003000~4000Traverse stroke(mm)1800204022002440268029603200Vertical stroke(mm)1100130015001700200025003000Crosswise stroke(mm)M:300 S:200M:400  S:200M:500  S:200M:500  S:200  M:600M:800M:1000Drive SystemAC Servo motor     Take out time(sec)234567.59Dry cycle time(sec)18202225293439Power of Traverse Servo Robot(kw)1(AC220V Single Phase)1.5(AC220V Single Phase)Power of 3-Anxis Servo Robot(kw)2.5(AC220V Single Phase)3.5(AC220V Single Phase)5.5(AC220V 3 Phase)Working pressure(kg/cm2)5±1 Kg/cm2Air consumption(NI/CYCLE)75808590100110120Max. Load(kg)12123030305050Net weight(kg)35040080082090010001100We reserve right to change specifications without prior notice.

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