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Hemoglobin Electrophoresis Kit (in Acid)

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Dr. Ioannis Dimitriadis

Product Description

The hemoglobin agarose gels in acid are suitable for the quantitative determination of total glycosylated hemoglobin, for the separation of HbF, as well as for the differentiation of hbs from HbG, D, Lepore and the HbC from HbE, HbO.
Hellabio offers 3 kinds of kits. Kit GHE 10 is for 100 tests (10 samples/gel). Kit GHE 14 is for 140 tests (14 samples/gel). The Mini GHE (MGHE) kits are designed especially for small laboratories. Each gel of Mini GHE is for 3 samples and the kit contains 16 gels.

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