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Hemoglobin Electrophoresis Kit (in Alkali)

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We are offering Kit for hemoglobin electrophoresis in alkali or in acid.
Hellabio offers 3 kind of gels. The Mini HE kit (MHE) is for 48 tests (3 samples/gel). HE 10 kit is for 100 tests (10 samples/gel). HE 14 kit is for 140 tests ( 14 samples/gel). 
Agarose gels in alkali allow the diagnosis of hemoglobin abnormalities by separating of hemoglobin in distinct band of HbA, HbF, HbS ( HbG, HbD, lepore), and HbA2 ( HbC, HbE and HbO).
Note that the Mini HE gels are suitable for small Laboratories with very low cost.

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