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Hfw Finned Tube

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Product Description
Unidus can supply either solid or serrated welded finned tubes.These tubes are manufactured specifically to suit the high temperature environment found in furnaces/boliers and waste heat recovery equipment.Our high frequency serrated fin is a metal trip that has been serrated or cut and then helically wound around the specified tube.The fin is welded to the tublar base using the high frequency weld process.The fin can be applied to a wide variety of tubular material with configurations to suit your requirements.TUBE SIZES: 3/4" O.D. to  8" NPSFIN HEIGHT: 3/8" to 1-1/2"FIN THICKNESS: 0.035" to 0.102"Segmented width: 4.5mm or 8 mmFIN PITCH: 1 to 7 fins per inchMaterial: Any material or combination that can be resistance or arc welded

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