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High Carbon Graphite

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High carbon graphiteBrand Item+599+899+199-198-197C % ≥9999999897VM % ≤ % ≤ Size(mesh)+50 Mesh≥ 75%+80 Mesh ≥ 75%+100 Mesh ≥ 75%+100 Mesh≤ 20%-100 Mesh≥ 80%+100 Mesh≤ 20%-100 Mesh≥ 80% Brand Item+197+196-196+895-297C % ≥9796969597VM % ≤ % ≤ Size(mesh)+100Mesh≥ 75%    +100 Mesh≥ 75%+100 Mesh≤ 20%-100 Mesh≥ 80%+80 Mesh≥ 75%+200 Mesh≤ 20%-200 Mesh≥ 80%Properties: 1. Excellent conductivityThe thermal and electric conductivity of graphite is based on free electrons. This property is determined by the size and the good degree of order of the crystallinity. 2. Outstanding lubrication propertiesGraphite has an excellent lubrication effect because the layers in the crystal lattice can be easily shifted against each other. The outstanding properties of graphite especially become obvious under high temperatures and pressures. 3. Resistance to oxidation and cyclic temperature stressWith its excellent degree of crystallinity, graphite is highly resistant to oxidation and to most chemical agents, which is why graphite is predestined for preferred application in the field of fireproof materials. 4. Formation of intercalation compounds The bonding strength between the layer planes allow the intercalation of certain molecules in the graphite lattice. This intercalation property is the basis for the application of graphite in the fields of special lubricants and rechargeable batteries. Packing: 20 or 25 kg/small bag, 1ton/big bag, 20ton/20'FCL or as customer requiredDelivery Time: Within 10 days upon confirming order Payment Terms: T/T; L/C

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