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High-definition Camera

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Product Description
“Kontur HD” high-definition camera is intended for use in video surveillance, security, videoconference systems, and various technological equipment. Through the use of a complex video processing the HD camera produces high-quality images even with a middle-level lens. The HD camera is available with lenses of different types (or without lenses). The HD camera compresses video images frame-by-frame with high image resolution and time referencing. The HD camera can be incorporated in the systems and complexes built according to network architecture. A single cable (UTP 5) ensures data exchange, control and power supply. HD camera setup and settings change, as well as software upgrade, are carried out remotely (by operator or software). The HD camera is designed for at minus 45°C…+50°C and capable to withstand mechanical overstress and EM noise. To prevent frost-dew or dew formation, the HD camera provides optics heating. No additional heating of the HD camera or optics is required.

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