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High Density Interconnect Pcb Circuit Board

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Among those famous high density interconnect pcb circuit board manufacturers, Rigao Electronics is a professional high density interconnect pcb circuit board supplier and factory, we can offer you customized products price and quotation consultation, welcome to buy our products at low price.Basic InfoModel NO.: Rigao91Dielectric: FR-4Application: CommunicationMechanical Rigid: RigidBase Material: Fr4Brand: Shenzhen RigaoCopper Thickness: 1ozSurface Treatment: EnigSilk Screen Color: WhiteShipping Type: DHL, UPS, TNT, EMS, FedEx etcLead Time: 5-7 DaysSpecification: RoHS, ISO, UL, CEType: Rigid Circuit BoardMaterial: Fiberglass EpoxyFlame Retardant Properties: V0Processing Technology: Delay Pressure FoilInsulation Materials: Organic ResinBoard Thickness: 1.6mmMaterial Type: Fr4Solder Mask: Green, Red, Blue, BlackBoard Layer: 6 LayerPacking Type: Carton + VacummTrademark:Shenzhen RigaoOrigin: Shenzhen, ChinaProduct DescriptionHIGH DENSITY INTERCONNECT PCB Circuit boardHDI PCBs are characterized by high-density attributes including laser microvias, fine lines and high performance thin materials. This increased density enables more functions per unit area. Higher technology HDI PCBs have multiple layers of copper filled stacked microvias (Advanced HDI PCBs) which creates a structure that enables even more complex interconnections. These very complex structures provide the necessary routing solutions for today's large pin-count chips utilized in mobile devices and other high technology productsHDI Structures:1+N+1 - PCBs contain 1 "build-up" of high-density interconnection layers.i+N+i (i≥2) - PCBs contain 2 or more "build-up" of high density interconnection layers. Microvias on different layers can be staggered or stacked. Copper filled stacked microvia structures are commonly seen in demanding designs.Any Layer HDI - All the layers of a PCB are high density interconnection layers which allows the conductors on any layer of the PCB to be interconnected freely with copper filled stacked microvia structures. This provides a reliable interconnect solution for highly complex large pin-count devices, such as CPU and GPU chips utilized on handheld and mobile devices. Advanced Capabilities:Any layer HDIMultilayer copper filled stacked micro via structure1.2/1.2 mil line/space3/9 mil laser via capture pad sizeEmbedded distributed and discrete passive componentsComplex rigid-flex HDI productsWide material and surface finish selectionsPCB advantages:1 R&D team support 2 UL, RoHS,ISO,CE3.IPC class24.Advanced production line and promtly delivery.5,Honest Credibility in China.6.Professional and abundant experience in PCB.7.Competitive price and good quality.8. Excellent after-sales service.Pls see our pcb catalog below:1. single side pcb2. double side pcb3. Multilayer pcb(3-26+ layers)4. Flexible PCB(FPC)5. Rigid-flex PCB board6. Aluminum PCB board for LED(1-4 layers)7. MCPCB board (1-4 layers)8.Ceramic PCB(1-4 layers)9. HDI pcb board10. High frequency PCB 11. PCB assembly Our ServicesRigao is one of white hair of PCB manufacturer in China. providing PCB design, PCB fabrication,PCB clone and PCB assembly services. and we have got the UL, ISO, CE,ROHS certifications. PCB  Manufacture  CapabilityItem   Manufacture  CapabilityLayers   1-26  LayersHDI 2+N+2Material  Types Fr-4,   Fr-5,   High-Tg,   Aluminum  Based  , Halogen  Free,                                                                                              Isola,   Taconic,   Arlon,   Teflon,   Rogers,  Max.   Panel  Dimension39000mil  *  47000mil  (1000mm  *  1200mm)Outline  Tolerance ± 4mil  (± 0.10mm)Board  Thickness8mil-236mil  (0.2  -  6.0mm)   Board  Thickness  Tolerance ± 10%Dielectric  Thickness 3mil-8mil  (  0.075mm-0.20mm)Min.   Track  Width 3mil  (  0.075mm  )Min.   Track  Space3mil  (  0.075mm  )External  Cu  Thickness 0.5  OZ  -  10  OZ  (  17um  -  350um)Internal  Cu  Thickness   0.5OZ  -  6OZ  (  17um  -  210um)Drilling  Bit  Size  (  CNC  ) 6mil-256mil  (  0.15mm  -  6.50mm)Finished  Hole  Dimension       4mil-236mil(0.1mm  -  6.0mm)Hole  Tolerance± 2mil  (± 0.05mm)Laser  Drilling  Hole  Size   4mil(0.1mm)Aspect  Ration 16: 1Solder  MaskGreen,   Blue,   White,   Black,   Red,   Yellow,   Purple,   etc.Min  Solder  mask  Bridge2mil(0.050mm)Plugged  Hole  Diameter8mil-20mil  (  0.20mm-0.50mm)Beveling30o  -  45oV-scoring+/-0.1mm,   15o    30o    45o    60o Impedance  Control                               Min. 5%    General  ± 10%Surface  Finishing HASL,   HASL(lead  Free),   Immersion  Gold Immersion  Silver,   OSP,   Hard  Gold  (  up  to  100u" )CertificationUL  RoHS  ISO9001: 2000  ISO14000: 2004  SGSTestingFlying  probe, E-TEST,   X-RAY  Inspection  , AOIFilesGerber  Protel  DXP  Auto  CAD  PADS  OrCAD  Express  PCB  etc  FAQ Q1: What's your minimum order quantity?A1: Our MOQ is not the same based on different items. Small orders are also welcome. Q2: what file we should offer?A2: PCB:Gerber file is better,( Protel ,power pcb,PADs file), PCBA : Gerber file and BOM list. Q3: What any other information should be offered except for file?A3:Following specifications are needed for quotation:a) Base materialb) Board thickness:c) Copper thicknessd) Surface treatment:e) color of solder mask and silkscreenf) Quantity Q4: I am very satisfied after I read your information, how can I start to purchase my order? A4: Please send email to me or send trade massage to me .  Would like to know more about the product? Send us inquiry, click "Send" now!Related Products  Multilayer Rigid-Flex PCBHDI Multilayers PCB Board &PCB AssemblySMT Assembly & Through Hole Assembly

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