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High Efficiency Seat Mounted Rechargeable Emergency Light

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Model: ZY8603AS, ZY8603BS IP Code: IP66Ambient temp.: - 25℃ to +50℃Application 1. It is suitable for emergency lighting in the installation platform, water control room, fire pump room and other places.Characteristics 1. It is made using a special aluminum housing, anti-corrosion performance better than 304 stainless steel, suitable for long-term highly corrosive environment of offshore platforms, chlor-alkali, vulcanization cyanide a full range of high conductivity material accelerate convection cooling structure, effective guarantee longterm use in high temperature environments. Variety of light distribution, variety of installation types, an effective solution to beautify workshop and device platform.2. The shell is made of high-tech surface coating technology, corrosion resistant, waterproof and dust proof, suitable for harsh environments.3. Nichia chips, imported light, high luminous efficiency, low-light failure, reliability ranking first in the same light source.4. Independent wiring chamber, safe and easy installation and maintenance.5. All exposed fasteners adopt 304 stainless steels.6. Type A: usually can be used for 24 hours lighting lamps and lanterns to use, when the accident to provide emergency lighting; Type B : accident to provide emergency lighting.7. Type A type B with manual emergency function.Technical Specification ItemZY8603AS/BSZY8603A1S/B1SInput voltage range100~240VACInput frequency50Hz/ 60HzLight sourceLEDCRIRa 70(80 Optional)Service life100000hCCT3000K/ 4000K/ 5000KLeading-in cable diameterΦ6mm~Φ12mmTerminalsMulti-core wire: ≤2.5mm2Single-core wire: ≤4mm2Recharge Time>6h>12hRated Capacity2.6Ah/ 14.8V5.2Ah/ 14.8VDimension260* 245* 270mm260* 265* 270mmNet weight4.9 Kg6.3KgOrdering reference OrderingreferenceWattageEmergency wattageLight outputEmergency durationSpace height ratioEquivalent toHigh Pressure Mercury LampZY8603AS-L40-1540W15W1800lm150min1.25/ 1.75100W/ 35WZY8603AS-L40-2540W25W3300lm90min100W/ 70WZY8603A1S-L40-1540W15W3300lm300min100W/ 35WZY8603A1S-L40-2540W25W3300lm190min100W/ 70WAuto EmergencyZY8603BS-L40-15/15W1800lm150min1.25/ 1.75/ 35WZY8603BS-L40-25/25W3300lm90min/ 70WZY8603B1S-L40-15/15W3300lm300min/ 35WZY8603B1S-L40-25/25W3300lm190min/ 70W

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