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High Efficiency Thickener

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Product Description
Jinfeng Gold Mining Machinery is one of the best high efficiency thickener manufacturers in China, equipped with good factory, welcome to wholesale high efficiency thickener made in China from us.Product FeaturesGX high efficiency thickener is a kind of semi-high efficiency thickener in case of no flocculent is added. Compared with common thickener, it has the following structural features: long intermediate receiving barrel; with a large-diameter receiving tray arranged at the bottom; uniform, stable and smooth feeding.A gettering and storage tank is arranged for eliminating air bubbles in the ore pulp, which has a large processing capacity and makes the underflow concentration high.Notes for selectionIts performance is better than that of common thickener if it is used separately without flocculent added.The device for adding flocculent should be ordered separately.Technical parameters of GX high efficiency thickenerModel(mm)Inner diameter of tank(mm)Height of tank(㎡)sediment area(r.p.m)Revolution of the rabble(mm)Lifting height of the rabbleDriving motor model(kw)Driving motor powerlifting motor model(kw)lifting motor power(kg)Weight of power(kg)WeightGX-3.63600170010.21.1200Y100L-61.1PZ0.8AB0.828296650GX-5.1851822134210.8300Y132M1-64PZ0.8AB0.8534010460GX-7.57500280044.10.427300Y132M2-65.5Y132S-82.21025017320GX-99000280063.60.427300Y132M2-65.5Y132S-82.21598023680GX-121200036001100.35300Y132M-47.5Y100L1-42.22558942756GX-151500040001770.15300YCT200-4B7.5Y112M-62.23605059000

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