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High Elastic Flat-coated Coatings

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This high elastic coating use the reaction curing type aqueous acrylic synthetic resin emulsion made by the bridging technology synthesis, it makes the coating film have nuclear shell effect of light-curing. Then it achieves to be high quality elastic coatings with high elastic, waterproof, moisture-proof, pollution resistance, high durability and other functions. The durability of the coating is more than 10 years.Mainly applies toThe new walls easily appear serious cracks and the old walls have already appeared serious cracks.Feature Description1. The coating film has about 300% elongation, so even in the wide temperature range it also has the bridging ability of indemnity cover wall cracks. Thus it can prevent rainwater from entering the wall cracks and play the role of beautifying the walls and avoiding carbonization of concrete structure.2. Molecular structure of the coating film can effectively block moisture, but allow a small amount of water vapor in and out. It has the function of waterproof and breathable "breath" and it can prevent blistering caused by the accumulation of water vapor.3.Light-curing of the coating film can form the nuclear shell effect, which can make the film surface to form a dense and tough anti-pollution layer, then completely overcome the shortcomings of traditional elastic coatings that is easily contaminated, it cannot use finishes.4. Good UV resistance, thus it has excellent durability. Meanwhile it also has good chemical resistance, so it can protect the base layer better.5. To make cracks covered, it should have a certain film thickness. We recommend Thick type.6. Due to the high elasticity, the adhesion of the grassroots is low, so we should pay attention to the selection of primer coating, it is recommended to use 325-type primer coating.Product FeaturesWaterborne, plain glass or matte, multicolor, monocomponentTypical combinationsSurface layer: 222-type Multifunctional high elastic coatingsUnderlying layer: 325-type waterborne multifunction waterproof primer coatingsBase layer: processed wall

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