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High Heat Transfer Coefficient Removable Plate And Shell Heat Exchanger

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Plate and tube heat exchanger Product DescriptionThe plate-and-shell heat exchanger is a heat exchanger consisting of a group of corrugated plate welding plasma into the shell replacing the tube bundle of shell and tube heat exchanger, and the corrugated plate group as heat transfer components.Plate and Shell Heat Exchanger StructurePlate and Shell heat exchanger Performance1.Standard design temperature: -80℃~300 ℃2.Special design temperature: -195 ℃ ~500 ℃3.Standard design pressure: 1,6,10,16,20,50 Bar4.Spcial design temperature: vacuum~70 Bar5.Ingel heat transfer area: 0.016~2.0M26.Design application: Condensing, Evaporation, Liquid - liquid, Gas - liquid, Gas - gas7.Temperature difference: min 1 ℃Features1.High pressure and high temperature capability 2.Compact structure 3.Robust and gasket-free construction4.High thermal efficiency   Product Variations:1.Plate & Shell Fully weldedThis heat exchanger with a gasket-free shell construction offers significantspace saving compared to Shell &Tube heat exchangers.2.Plate & Shell Detachable The Detachable version offers increased flexibility of use by allowing the fullywelded plate pack to be completely withdrawn from the shell for inspectionor cleaning. This is achieved by the use of a flanged and bolted shell construction.The cassette type plate pack allows quick and easy removal and refitting, thus,  ensuring that process downtime is kept to a minimum.3.Plate & Shell CompactThe model was developed by Vahterus to offer an even more compact unit than the standard PSHE construction. By using a clever system of internal flow directors, it is possible to have all 4 primary and secondary fluid connections on one end of the unit, which reduces the required space even further.4. Plate & Shell Systems  The JIEMA Plate and Shell systems includes a unique droplet separator, which  brings about space savings compared to traditional models.        5.Plate & Shell CombinedJIEMA Combined is an excellent solution when space is very limited and even more space is needed that the Systems model can offer ,which makes integration  and installation easier.  Applications1. Refrigeration Industrial Applications2. Energy and marine applications3. Chemical and Petrochemical Industry Application4. Pharmaceutical and food industry applications5. General machinery and equipment for application

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