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High Hydraulic Safety Joint

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Xi'an ZZ Top Oil Tools Co.,Ltd is one of the top level high hydraulic safety joint manufacturers and suppliers, with professional factory, we are able to produce API and oilfield high hydraulic safety joint, welcome to contact us.1.IntroductionThe heavy hydraulic safety joint with lock key connection is able to be loaded high tension and torque, when the safety joint should be disconnected, the ball will be dropped into the tools, and set on the piston ball seat. Applying the pressure into the tubing to shear the pin, the piston moves down, pulling the string, then the safety joint is disconnected, and the pulling instruction is visible. The tools left in hole is with the standard fishing neck, which is used for fishing later.2.Feature and benefits*Hydraulic operated*High tension strength structure*Torque strength*Internal standard fishing neck*The rupture disc can be installed in the bottom sub, and the tools can be used as rupture disc circulating valve3.ApplicationAll coiled tubing operationCementing and milling operationCT Spec.(in)Max OD(mm)Min ID(mm)W.P. (psi)Length(mm)Fishing neck1.68742.812.010000305.02 in “GS”1.75044.512.010000335.82 in “GS”2.12554.012.010000409.02 in “GS”2.25057.020.010000414.52 in “GS”2.37560.022.010000454.52 in “GS”2.87573.022.010000454.52 in “GS”3.12579.527.010000478.52 in “GS”

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