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High-level Palletizing Machine

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Product Description
High-level palletizing machineProduct functionAutomatic palletizer is mainly used in the automatic palletizing operations for the bags with packaged materials.Product featuresFully automation, high speed palletizing, and neat pallet after palletization.Reasonable structure and high stability.Flexible grouping functionCan be adapted to a variety of materials and size of the tray.SpecificationAuto palletizing capacity: 800~1600 bags/h.Bag to be handled:Kraft bag, plastic film bag, plastic woven bag.This equipment and automatic weight machine, automatic bagging machine, form the automatic packaging palletizing production line.Auto weighting, bagging and palletizing lineAuto palletizing machineAutomatic palletizing machine assembly workshopAuto palletizing machine (fertilizer)The touch screen operation of palletizing machineClawing and turning deviceLayer arrangement device of palletizerAuto palletizer at user’s site Auto palletizer at user’s siteWarehouse after automatic

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