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High Power Polarization Insensitive Isolator

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Features• Low Insertion Loss• High Isolation• High Power Handling• High Return LossApplications• Fiber Laser Line Monitoring• Instrumentation• Fiber Amplifier• Lab ResearchPerformance SpecificationsParametersUnitValuesCenter Wavelength (λc)nm1064 or SpecifyOperating Wavelength Rangenm±10Typ.Peak IsolationdB32~40Min. Isolation at 23℃dB26Typ.Peak Insertion lossdB0.6Max. Insertion Loss at 23℃ , λcdB1.0Min. Return Loss (Port 1/Port 2)dB50/50Max. Polarization Dependent Loss, at 23℃dB0.15Max. Optical Power (CW)W1,3,5,10,20 or SpecifyMax. Tensile LoadN5Fiber Type Hi1060 Fiber or LMA FiberOperating Temperature℃-5 to +50Storage Temperature℃-20 to +75*For pulse applications,pls discuss with our.*The actual package dimensions may be slightly different from that shown in below drawing,for accurate dimensions please contact our.Ordering InformationHPPIIX X X XXXX XXXX WavelengthPackage TypeHanding PowerConnector TypeFiber JacketFiber Length1064=1064nmS=SpecialC1=Type C1C2=Type C201=1W02=2W05=5W10=10W20=20WN=NoneS=Special1=Bare fiber2=900um loose tube3=2mm Cable4=3mm Cable1=1m2=2mS=SpecifyPDFHigh Power Polarization Insensitive Isolator

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