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High Precision Antenna

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ER-102 High precision AntennaER-102 with precise positioning and navigation compass has excellent directional performance experience. The use of Vector ER-102 SBAS (SBAS, EGNOS, MSAS) differential GPS positioning, from the GPS provides a low cost based on the smart antenna, high efficiency directional And positioning solutions.•     Provides heading, positioning, heave, roll, and pitch                    •     Excellent in-band and out-of-band interference rejection•     0.75 degree heading accuracy in an amazingly small form factor•     For the first time fast lock time•     Differential positioning accuracy of 1.0 m, 95% of the time•     Integrated gyro and tilt sensors help deliver fast start-up times and provide heading updates during temporary loss of satellites•     In the absence of GPS course and provide temporary signal update information•     Support SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS etc.) and the optional external differential input•     Accurate heading up to 3 minutes during GNSS outages•     COAST™ technology maintains differentially corrected positioning for 40 minutes or more after loss of differential signal GNSS Performance SpecificationReceive typeL1, C/A  Codes with carrier phase smoothingChannel No12 double channel   parallel track (when locking the SBAS double channel 10)SBAS tracking:2 channel parallel   trackingUpdate rate10Hz standard,   20Hz optional (location and orientation)Horizontal   accuracy< 1.0   meter95%  Confidence level(DGPS)< 2.5 meter95%   Confidence (autonomous positioning, no SADirectional   accuracy< 0.75˚ rmsRoll and pitch   accuracy< 1.5˚ rmsfluctuate accuracy30 cmTiming (1PPS)   accuracy50 nsTurn rateCompass safe   distance30 cmCold start< 60s(No   calendar or clock)Warm start< 20s A typical   (or calendar clock)Hot start< 1s A typical   (calendar, clock and position)Heading to lock< 10s Typical   (position)CommunicationString mouth2 full duplex RS   232 portBaud rate4800 ~  115200The correction   input/The output protocolRTCM SC-104Data input/The   output protocolNMEA0183, NMEA2000,   Crescent Binary3, CANTemperatureOperating   temperature- 30℃ ~    + 70℃(- 22°F   ~  + 158°F)Storage   temperature:- 40℃ ~    + 85℃(- 40°F   ~  + 185°F)Wet degree100%non-condensingPower supplyInput voltage6 ~  36 VDCPower consumptionAbout 3 W ratedElectricity240 mA @ 12 VDCPower isolationInsulation and   accessoriesReverse Power   ProtectionyesPhysicalAttachmentAnti ultraviolet,   white plastic, AESHW600G, non corrosive, self coolingDimension41.7 x 15.8 x 6.9   long wide high cmWeightAbout 1.5 kgPower supply/Data   connection12-pin, female, IP67Auxiliary equipmentGyroscopeProvide the course   smooth, rapid directional recapture and reliability of < 1 or per minute,   when the GPS signal loss, continuous time orientation can be up to 3 minuteTitle sensorAssist to provide   quick startER-5521 High precision AntennaThe GNSS E5521 integrated antenna module is used for the high precision handset, which includes the OEM GNSS board. It supports dual band GPS/GLONASS/BDS, also it is one of the best choices for portable GNSS device applications. • Embedded dual band GNSS receiver board• Support GPS/GLONASS/BDS                        • Good phase center performance• RoHS GNSS Reception performanceReceiver support:HemisphereNovAtelTrimble board etcData update rate1~20   HzElectrical propertiesFrequency range:Band1:1558~1610   MHzBand1:1200~1260   MHzChemical way:Right-hand circular polarizationAxial ratio:Band1: 4 dB Max;Band2:2   dB MaxGain:Band1: ≥3 dBi;Band2:≥1   dBi@Θ=0°LNA Gain:26 dB ± 2Physical characteristicsSize:82L× 80W × 28H mmWeight:

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