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High Precision Pressure Sensor

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ER-13 high precision quartz thin-film pressure sensorProduct overview:ER-13 precision quartz film pressure sensor using international advanced nano-thin film      technology to make quartz insulation crystal with titanium elastic alloy diaphragm material effectively unifies in together. Quartz crystal insulator has a very good elasticity and insulating properties,Website:http://www.ericcointernational.com, not lag, fatigue and creep phenomenon. It is insensitive to the change of temperature has a good performance, strong anti radiation characteristics, applied to a variety of complex environment.Product features:◆ Wide range of pressure measurement (-0.1 ~ 1.0MPa/100MPa/300MPa)◆ Temperature measurement range (-45 ~ +85℃ +125 ℃ /150 ℃/200℃)◆ Combination of end face seal and double "O" type sealing ring;Application domain:◆ Aviation, aerospace and other laboratory equipment;◆ Petroleum, chemical and metallurgical industries;◆ Thermoelectricity, metallurgy, machinery, light industry;◆ Hydraulic, marine, diesel engine industry;Technical parameter:NameParameterMeasuring mediumSuitable for all kinds of liquid and gas of titanium alloy and stainless steelPressure typeGage pressure, negative pressure,Absolute pressureMeasurement  range-0.1MPa~1.0MPa/100MPa/300MPa optionalPower supply voltage10 ~ 36VDC (two wire system)Output signal4~20mA   0~10VDC   0~5VDC  1.5~2.0mV/VComprehensive accuracy±0.1%FS ±0.25%FS ±0.5%FSEnvironment temperature-30~+85℃Storage temperature-45~+90℃Relative humidity≤ 95%(40℃)Thread connectionM20 * 1.5, M10 * 1, 1/2NPT, 1/4NPT external threadOverload pressureNormal 1.5x  limitation 2.0x  full scaletemperature driftLess than 0.05%FS / C (including zero and full scale temperature effect)Temperature range-20~85℃Temperature compensation range0~85℃Stability errorGeneral: + 0.1%FS / year maximum: + 0.2%FS / yearResponse time≤10msLiquid materialConventional 316L or titanium alloy, typical ceramic, hastelloy, tantalum metalElectrical connectionDirectly lead, CONINVERS,  Hirschmann plugComprehensive accuracy±0.1%F.S ±0.25% ±0.5%Stability errorGeneral: + 0.1%FS / year maximum: + 0.2%FS / yearInput impedanceRin ≥ 300MΩOutput impedanceRin ≥300MΩDimension:

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