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High Pressure Hydrothermal Reactor

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If you are looking for chemical, biology, pharmaceutical, and food high pressure hydrothermal reactor from China high pressure hydrothermal reactor, stainless steel reactor, mini hydrothermal synthesis reactor, hydrothermal autoclave, 10 ml hydrothermal reactor, 25 ml hydrothermal synthesis reactor manufacturers, suppliers and facoty, or checking high pressure hydrothermal reactor customization and desing with professional supplier in China, please feel free to contact Toption Instrument.Hydrothermal Synthesis ReactorHydrothermal synthesis reactor is a reactor of toption’s company supply synthetic chemicals in a certain temperature, a certain pressure conditions. It is widely used in new materials, energy, environmental engineering and scientific research experiments, is a small-scale reactor commonly used in university teaching, research units for scientific research. Hydrothermal synthesis reactor adopts high quality stainless steel, kettle and the kettle lid seal are bolts holding sealing line and two spiral gland types two kinds. Usage: reduce volume, benefit more than one reactor heating in the same reaction operating temperature tank. Hydrothermal synthesis reactor have PTFE lining inside, beautiful shape, reasonable structure, and easy operation. Acid and alkali anti-corrosion. According to actual needs of operators, the kettle body may be configured with multiple specifications of the lining.(for example: 100ml kettle body equipped with 100ml and 50ml lining two sets. 50ml kettle body equipped with 50ml and 25ml lining two sets), economical and practical. Can custom madespecial types according to user's needs, such as: 150ml,200ml,250ml,300ml,350ml,400ml,450ml,500ml. Safe temperature is 200°C, maximum pressure is 3 Mpa. Advantages of Hydrothermal Synthesis Reactor:1. Hydrothermal reactor pharmaceutical 2. High vacuum degree 3. Good sealing 4. Stainless steel shell, PTFE linerDescription of Hydrothermal Synthesis Reactor:1. Hydrothermal synthesis reactor, also known as polymerization reactors;2.Digestion tanks, high pressure digestion tank;Features:1, Good corrosion resistance, non-spill of hazardous substances, reduce pollution, safety for using.2, Temperature, boost, quickly dissolve without loss, difficult under normal conditions in the dissolved samples and samples containing volatile elements.3, Beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, easy operation and shorten the analysis time, with reliable data.4, Containing Teflon bushing, double care, so the raw material could be acid, alkali and so on.5, Can replace the platinum crucible to solve the analysis of trace elements in high purity alumina dissolving deal with problems.Technical parameters:Model Material Capacity Remark TOPT-HT25Shell made  of quality stainless steel; Liner materials is special PTFE25ml 1. Safe temperature is 200°C2. Working pressure ≤2 Mpa (surface pressure)3. Tempe heating and cooling speed: ≤ 5℃/ minTOPT-HT5050ml TOPT-HT100100ml TOPT-HT150150mlTOPT-HT200200mlTOPT-HT250250mlTOPT-HT500500ml                                     High quality PTFE liner                                      PTFE linerChina hydrothermal synthesiserlab stainless steel reactorstainless steel autoclavestainless steel reactorXi'an mini lab reactorToption Hydrothermal ReactorToption serviceOur Team

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