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High Pressure Plunger Chemical Pumps

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High Pressure Plunger Chemical Pumps JDR Series Plunger Metering Pump Capacity range 92-6050lph,8-500bar Power: 5.5kw JDR motor can be both vertical or horizontal installed. Multiplex gear boxes with one motor drive and pump base is available. Parameter Table      Model50Hz60 HzPressurePlunger      Dia.      (mm)     Stroke      Length      (mm)Power      kW(HP)Inlet&Outlet SizeConnection Size  Flow      (lph)Flow      (gph)SPMFlow      (gph)Flow      (lph)SPM(Bar)(Psi)JDR 92/5092249629110115500725020605.5(7.5)DN15DN15          WNJDR 145/321453846174320464025JDR 190/181905060228250362528JDR 240/202406376288200290032JDR 430/11430114136516110159542DN20DN20        WNJDR 520/9.052013716562490130545JDR 650/8.065017220678080116050JDR 780/6.57802062479366594355JDR 930/5.593024629511165579860DN25DN25       RF  JDR 1100/4.6110029134913204666765JDR 1300/4.0130034341215604058070JDR 1480/3.5148039146917763550875JDR 1700/3.0170044953920403043580DN32DN32       RFJDR 1920/2.8192050760923042840685JDR 2150/2.4215056868225802434890JDR 2400/2.2240063476128802.23295JDR 2680/2.02680708850321618261100DN40DN40           RFJDR 3250/1.632508591030390015218110JDR 3860/1.3386010201224463213189120JDR 4550/1.1455012021443546011160130JDR 5260/1.0526013901668631210145140DN50DN50       RFJDR 6050/0.860501598191872608116150LGP plunger metering pump is designed for high pressure and heavy-duty applications. Unlike loss motion pumps with spring, all LPG plunger pumps are push and pull design. The plunger makes harmonic motion by the crankshaft . Features:●Flow rate can be adjusted via unique adjusting mechanism from 0-100%●The adjustment can be carried when pump is in operation or at stop●The steady accuracy is ±1% from 30%-100% of the maximum output●Automatic operation is achieved by variable speed drive●Special application for high temperature or low temperature is available with cooling jacket or heating jacket Materials:●Pump head: SS304,SS316●Pump case: Cast Iron●Plunger: Ceramic or SS316 coated with ceramic●Packing seal: PTFE and SS316 Ring●Valves: SS304,SS316●Valve Ball: SS304,SS316, Ceramic

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