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High Qualtity Blue Silica Gel

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Blue silica gel Product Introduction:    Blue silica gel indicator for is the glassy blue grain, changes and changes of water vapor adsorption quantity along with the space medium relative humidity, and shows different colors, still can restore color after drying. In addition to have the function of the general desiccant, but also has a visual indication. According to the instruction from the product color code can determine the space medium relative humidity and moderate absorption, with high sensitivity. It is mainly used for indicating the degree of saturation of desiccant seal and relative humidity of packing materials, precision instruments; Color silica gel mainly used as desiccant and indicator of moisture for general instrument and meter of seal packing materials. Blue silica gel Product Specifications:ItemsvalueBlue silica gel indicatorAllochroic silica gelAppearance Blue to light blueSize qualification9696Attrition rate10Adsorption capacityRH=20%8-RH=35-RH=50 -Loss of ignition5Color renderingRH=20%Blue or light blueRH=35%Purple or magentaRH=50%Light redLight purple to light red

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