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High Shock Accelerometer

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High Shock Accelerometer: Features:  ●Light weight, good temperature property  ●Small size , wide frequency response  ● High shock and vibration measurement  The below items are lightweight piezoelectric accelerometers designed specifically for measuring high-g shock on structures and test articles. These sensors are the industry standard for shock accelerometers.For more special requirements, OEM or ODM is welcome( has quantity requirements)ModelCA-YD-102CA-YD-111CA-YD-115CA-YD-125CA-YD-126CA-YD-139Sensitivity (20±5℃)15 pC/g0.03 pC/g7 pC/g1 pC/g2 pC/g10 pC/gMeasurement Range(pk)5000 g50000 g7000 g20000 g20000g2000 gMax Transverse Sensitivity≤5 %≤10 %≤5 %≤10 %≤5 %≤5 %Frequency Response(±5%)2 ~10,000 Hz5 ~15000 Hz5 ~15000 Hz2 ~15000 Hz5 ~15000 Hz1 ~10000 HzMounting Resonant Frequency40,000 Hz55,000 Hz45,000 Hz60,000 Hz50,000 Hz35,000 HzOperating Temp. Range-20~+120 ℃-54~+150 ℃-20~+120 ℃-40~+150 ℃-40~+150 ℃-40~+150℃Transient Temperature Response0.1 g/℃(0.3Hz)0.1 g/℃(0.3Hz)0.1 g/℃(0.3Hz)0.05g/℃      (0.3Hz)2.5mg/℃      (0.3Hz)4mg/℃      (0.3Hz)Magnetic Sensitivity2 g/T0.2 g/T3g/T0.5g/T0.6g/T2g/TBase Strain Sensitivity0.6 mg/με2.5 mg/με0.6g/με5mg/με5mg/με0.2mg/μεCase Isolation>109 Ω>1010 Ω>109 Ω>109 Ω>109 Ω>109 ΩCapacitance~1100 pF~7 pF~600 pF~500 pF~500 Pf~1400 PfMountingM5M5 screwM3stickinessstickinessM3Sensing ElementPZT-8QuartzPZT-5PZT-5PZT-5PZT-5Case MaterialStainless steelHigh strength stainless steelStainless steelStainless steelStainless steelTitanium AlloyOutputTop L5Top L5Overall connections, sideOverall connection L5 (side)Overall connection L5 (sideOverall connection STYV-1-1 0.5m L5screwWeight14 g9.5 g9g(with cable)1.5g(without cable)4g(without cable)5gRecommend items:  On charger amplifier you can choose our recommend item YE5852 On data acquisition: we recommend our item YE6267 YE6269Delivery Details: 10-20 days after receipt of full payment.CE Certification:

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