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High Silicon Cast Iron Tubular Anode

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HSCI Tubular AnodeThanks for the progress of cast technology, tubular anode was invented after some years of stick anode. And now the tubular anode is very well recognized by CP designers and engineers and became the most popular for deep wells. The tubular anode has the following advantage against stick type.Low resistance center connection is typically for tubular anode to compensate for end effect, because more current discharges from the anode end than the middle.More economics because of higher utilization than traditional stick anode, tubular anode can use 85-90% of its mass weight while stick anode only 60-70%.More surface area per kilogram which reduce the anode current density.Tubular anode can be cast to 2134mm long while stick anode only limited to 1524mm, that brings the advantage of lower resistance than stick type.Easy transportation and handling due to more surface area per unit weight, for a certain current requirement the weight of tubular anode is much smaller than stick anode.Deyuan manufacture a full line of tubular anodes using improved centrifugal casting technique, this helps us to bring our anode quality to a new level compare to gravity casting.More dense and homogeneous structureStipple effect increase surface areaLevel 1 X-Ray detection AS per ASTM E186/E446More impact resistance due to higher densityDimension and weightSerial No.Specification(mm)Nominal Weight(Kg)ΦA×BDY-T0158X152415DY-T0258X213321DY-T0371X152420.5DY-T0471X213329DY-T0596X152428DY-T0696X213339DY-T07124X152436DY-T08124X213350DY-T09124X152457DY-T10124X213380

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