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High Speed Cable Ladder Roll Forming Machine

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Equipment structure of the High Speed Cable Ladder Roll Forming Machine:  Equipment structure decoiler---Leveler---Servo-feeder---Punching----outTable---Roll forming---cutting---Collection Feeding machine Width of material sheet: 100—600mm; Thickness of material sheet: 1.6mm~2.0 mm Inner diameter: 508mm Range of expanding: ф480-520 mm Maximum outer diameter: φ1300mm, loading: ≤6T Working type: Hydraulic expansion, passive decoiler  NCF800 Servo feeder Function: material feeding Feature: Uses the servo motor-driven .Multistage type feeding: May input 10 group of different feeding lengths, The liquid crystal touching screen demonstrated is advantageous for the change, establishes various technical parameters. The auto-induction start system and the punch press linkage (control punch press start).Punching press   Type of punching press: JF21-200 Punching press: Uses the steel plate welding fuselage, the rigidity is strong with good appearance .Uses the combined type air operated friction clutch. Conveying table Type: roller type with power (convey the sheet) b. Function and structure: Guide the punching cutting sheet into roll forming machine successfully. The guiding device consists of clutches. The guide wheel adjust different width of the sheet. C.Technical parameters: width of the material 100---600mmTechnical parameter:  1. Forming station: about22stations (according to equipment requirements)  2.Width of feeding: 100~600mm  3. Axis of rollers: (according to equipment requirements)  4. Distance of two sides rollers: about 350-550mm  5. Power of motor: 22kw (5.5kwX4)  6. Production speed: 2-4m/min, the whole speed line is 10m/min in theory.  7. The roller forming machine consists of C profile and reinforcing rib.Collection table Structure: roller type with no powerElectric control system for High Speed Cable Ladder Roll Forming Machine  a.Full line is controlled by PLC control system with touch screen operation to achieve the human and PLC interactive. The operator can monitor the setting program (programmable control) and modify the parameter to control the line. Also can check the running status, parameter and error indication etc...  b.Operation type: manual /auto two type switch. In manual position: can run the each part of the machine. In auto position: can run the full line. The emergency stop ensures the safe of the equipment and operator.  c. Machine side is equipped with the manual operation control panel for convenient worker to operate;Detailed information Payment: pay 30% in advance before production, the buyer will check and accept the machine in the seller's factory. The seller has the obligation to operate. The buyer should pay 70% balance before shipment. Term of delivery: 55days after receive 30% deposit in advance and sales confirmation be confirmed by both parties.Photos for High Speed Cable Ladder Roll Forming Machine  TestimonialExhibition After sales service:

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