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High Speed Pre-mixer

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Product Description
PHJ series High Speed Pre-mixerThis series of mixer has the functions of both mixing and crushing applicable for various powder and solid chemical materials. It adopts advanced sealing design to avoid powder leakage.Features:* Well-sealed and no leakage or solidification.* Mixing time controlled automatically with short time and homogeneous mixing effect.* Low temperature,Website:http://www.longcai-group.com, high efficiency, easy color change and maintenance* Safe to operateMain Technical ParameterModelVolume(L)Mixing Time(min)Mixing Power (kW)Crushing Power(kW)Dimension(mm)PHJ-10103-51.11.1600×550×880PHJ-30303-531.1700×600×880PHJ-1001003-55.54.01450×1000×1290PHJ-1501503-55.54.01480×1000×1290PHJ-3003003-5115.5900×1350×1800PHJ-5005003-5157.51300×2000×1800PHJ-8008003-5302×5.51600×2000×1950PHJ-100010003-5452×7.51800×2200×2360

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