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High Temperature Accelerometer For Down-hole Drilling Applications

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HQA-T185 Quartz flexible accelerometer This product is a single-axis torque reaction type accelerometer to detect the external acceleration signal by detecting quality and then demodulated and amplified by the servo circuit, and finally output current signal proportional to the acceleration signal. It is widely used for inertial navigation of aeroscope and oil drilling or geological strapdown system.Futures:High temperature resistanceVibration and shock resistanceSmall volume and light qualityWide voltage supply, low power consumptionAnalogue  signal outputFlange or round embedded mountingPerformance parameters:Technical performance              Acceleration range±30gResolution1×10-5gBias (K0) <10mgBias (K0)temperature shift<30μg/℃ Scale factor(K1) 1.45mA/g ±5%Scale factor(K1)temperature shift<300ppm/℃ 185℃,yearly reliability<3mgMisalignment angle<5mradSecond-order nonlinear(K2) <100μg/g²Frequency response<200HzElectrical performanceWorking voltage±(10~18)VDCInsulation resistance50MΩ,@50VDCEnvironment conditionSine vibration30g 0 ~ peak,(30~2000 )HzRandom vibration20gram, (15~500) HzShock1000g,0.5msec,half sineWorking temperature(-40 ~ 185)℃ Application:  Inertial navigation  Oil drillingCooperation partners

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