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High-vacuum Diffusion Pumps, Steam-NVDM

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Product Description
High-vacuum diffusion pumps, steam-NVDM-100-160 NVDM, NVDM-250-400 NVDM are intended for pumping of pressurized volume of air, gases, vapors and vapor mixtures, non-corrosive to the materials of construction and the working fluid and the non-condensed moisture and mechanical impurities. NVDM pumps can be operated at ambient temperature of 10 to 45 0C and the temperature of cooling water from 10 to 20 0C. The pumps are used in conjunction with a backing pump in the processing plants or systems in steady-state conditions Pumps are not designed for use in fire-hazardous industries The highest discharge pressure of the steam jet pumps are much lower than atmospheric, so their work requires prior depression.

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