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High Voltage Cable Branch Box

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high voltage cable branch box  European cable branch box in recent years is widely used in cable engineering equipment in the power distribution system, its main feature is a two-way open, using the casing as the connection bus, with small length, cable arrangement clearly, three core cable without significant advantages such as large span cross. Cable joint the conforms to the DIN47636 standard. The rated current 630A bolted connection type cable connector.  Function and characteristics:  1.All insulation, sealing, protection, full load.  2.Import line is flexible, the most practical application and import line 8 branch.  3.Anti flood, anti pollution, anti condensation, frost resistance, corrosion resistance.  4.Small volume, compact structure, simple installation, convenient operation.  5.Install charge indicator, prompt line live operation personnel.  6.Install SF6 switch.  7.Install cable fault indicator, easy to quickly find the cable fault.  8.There are a variety of material of box can choose: ordinary steel reinforcing military green, mirror stainless steel, stainless steel military green.NoSpecificationParameter1Rated voltage24KV2Rated current630A3Dynamic current50KA/0.3s4Thermal stability20KA/3s51 minute power frequency withstand voltage65KV615 minute DC withstand voltage85KV7Lightning impulse withstand voltage125KV8Protect levelIP33

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