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High Voltage Metal Glaze Resistors

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Providing with quality and standard customer-made electronic and passive components high voltage metal glaze resistors and solution products, Fullstar Electronics is a leading high voltage metal glaze resistors manufacturer and supplier in China. welcome to wholesale electronics high voltage resistor, metal glaze resistors, metal power resistors, high voltage metal resistors from our factory. HIGH VOLTAGE METAL GLAZE RESISTORSFeatures●Flameproof●Insulating coating designed to assure safe usage by special non-flammable silicon-base (equivalent to UL94 V-0)●Solid core resistor●Moisture-resistant●Protected by insulated materials●High reliability●No inductor resistor●Product meets EU-RoHS requirements   Application: ●High voltage power supplies●High power lighting●Inrush current limiting, protections (like discharge circuits, surge protection)●Strobe lighting●Medical defibrillators●Widely used in TV, High-end audio system●Power equipment●Welding and automotive.   Package: Tape packing or in bulk Fullstar Type Series RI40 &  RI80 SERIES●RI40 SERIES (0.25W-2W )●RI81 SERIES(0.5W-1W )

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