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Hips Thick Sheet Extrusion Line

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HIPS Thick Sheet Extrusion Line, also plastic extrusion production line for ABS, TPO, PC and ABS blends...Basic parameter:Processing Polymer: HIPS, ABS, ABS/PMMA, ABS/PC, TPO, ABS, etcSheet thickness range: 1-10mmProduct width: 1220-2100mm ( wider on request ) Structure: Mono-layer or multi-layer (co-extrusionII. Line ConfigurationRaw material processing system1setJBD120/38 single screw extruder1setJBD45/35 single screw extruder1setHydraulic screen changer2setsMelt pump JC70-31setFeedblock1setT-die 1750MM1setThree roll calendar vertical Φ400mm*1800mm1setRoll temperature controller1setCooling roller conveyor1setEdge trimming unit1setCorona treatment unit1setTake off unit1setCross shear cutter1setBelt conveyor1setStacker1setSheet loading manipulator1setElectric control system1 complete setApplication:ABS/HIPS co-extrusion line:ABS/HIPS mono-layer plate, width: upto 2000mm, thickness range: 1~8mm;Widely used on home electrial appliances, such as internal bladder of refrigerator, washing machine, outer shell of air conditioner, etc. HIPS high glossy co-extrusion compound board is one of the most welcome products.ABS/PMMA bathtub board co-extrusion line: ABS/PMMA 5 layer co-extrusion plate width: upto 2500mm, thickness range: 1~15mm;Compound board from PMMA/ABS co-extrusion is very glossy with the property of PMMA board, and it remains the advantage of resistance to impact as ABS. Widely used on bathtub, shower room, steam room, etc.TPO, ABS, PC/ABS alloy automotive and suit case board extrusion line: Typically used for cars like dashboard framework, skin, carpet, luggage case, etc.FUYU is professional manufacturer of plastic sheet extrusion production lines with ISO 9001:2000 certification. We combine advanced European technical expertise and preocess knowledge for high end plastic extrusion machinery. Good quality, excellent after-sales service and competitive pricing make us your best choice for plastic processing machinery!Welcome to visit our factory and discuss face to face!

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