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Hips Toughening Flame Retardant Masterbatch Fr-hips402-t

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FeatureHXFR-HIPS402-T can make flame retardant HIPS pass falling ball experiment.IntroductionHXFR-HIPS402-T consists of environment friendly flame retardant system of bromine and antimony, comply with ROHS requirement. Advantages: good flexibility, good compatibility with HIPS, high UV-resistance, non-blooming, high effective and low cost. Mainly used in HIPS injection and extrusion, such as: Enclosure of automat, printer, ink box and TV, parts in refrigerator, air-condition, appliance and audio equipment etc.IndexAppearanceWhite GranularDensity g/cm32.05Content %>70Water Content %≤0.1Melting Temp ℃≥120Decomposition Temp ℃≥240Recommended Dosage17~20Extrusion Process (Twin Screw Extruder)Note: Vacuum when production; Recommended Screw L/D 1:36-40.Packing/Storage25KG/bag: Transported as a common chemical and stored in dry and cool place, avoid direct sunlight.Appendix:Application Examples1-1.FormulaMaterialsFormula AFormula BFormula CHIPS688(Jiangsu LaiDun)82.58077DBDPE12--HX-Sb4--HXFR-HIPS400-20-HXFR-HIPS402-T--23Lubricant1--Antioxidants0.5--1-2.Technical DataPropertiesTest MethodsUnitHIPS688Formula AFormula BFormula CDensityASTM D-792g/cm31. Index 200℃/5KGASTM D-955g/10min5Tensile StrengthASTM- D638MPa21.527.220.425.3Elongation At BreakASTM-D638H3150.263.6Flexural StrengthASTM-D790MPa3544.132.230.1Flexural ModulusASTM-D790MPa1909.51446.11329.4Izod Impact Strength NotchedASTM-D256KJ/m29.86.77.811.5Flame Retardancy 3.2mmUL94‐‐Non flame retardantV0V0V0ColorNatural colorNatural colorNatural colorNatural color1-3. Injection Process:Injection machine temperature setup:Heating ZoneStep1Step2Step3NozzleTemperature180190200190All the application typical data above are just for reference, not an official warranty certificate.

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