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Hnd Marine Diesel Genset

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FENGDE is a professional hnd marine diesel genset manufacturer, supplier and factory, welcome to check hnd marine diesel genset price with us, or import CE deutz marine, marine generator mwm, deutz marine diesel, mwm marine generator, mdo marine diesel genset China, and Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, South America, and Russia from us.Additional DescriptionFoundgenerator supply marine generator with highly efficient and environmentally friendly systems for energy production,With its understanding of the added value chain……AlternatorEngine can be coupled with SUNVIM, STAMFORD, LEORY SOMER, MARATHON alternator according to customers’ demand.Prime output power: 20kw-1600 kw(25kva-2000kva)Controller system1.Standard control panel, including voltmeter, fequency meter, ampere meter,water temperature gauge, oil temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, AMF control module,oil level indicator, emergency button,preheating button, battery voltage gauge, hours running counter for protection and tranfering.Marine generator set/Marine Generating Set are suitable for sea areas as draining water ship, tugboat, fishnet ship, freighter and digging-ship etc as electric power supply and can be used as Marine Main Generator set, Marine emergency Generator set or Harbor Generator set.As to the certificates of marine generating set, Foundpower will supply CCS as standard. And we also can supply ABS, BV, DNV,LRS Certificates for clients’ option according to their special requirements, which can provide a reliable guarantee for your ship and equipments,Foundpower’s marine power generator is one of your best choices in selecting auxiliary equipment for all kinds of ships.EIAPP, Meet requirements of IMO for NOx Standard.50Hz HND Marine generator Data Sheet (1500rpm)Genset ModelRated powerHechai EngineMarathon AlternatorPDF DownloadkwkvaEngine ModelAlternator ModelCCFJ150JW150187.5TBD234V6MP-H-150-4CCFJ150JW.PDF  CCFJ200JW200250TBD234V8MP-H-200-4CCFJ200JW.PDF  CCFJ250JW250313TBD234V8MP-H-250-4CCFJ250JW.PDF  CCFJ300JW300375TBD236V8MP-H-300-4CCFJ300JW.PDF  CCFJ320JW320400TBD234V12MP-H-320-4CCFJ320JW.PDF  CCFJ350JW350437.5TBD604BL6MP-H-350-4CCFJ350JW.PDF  CCFJ400JW400500TBD604BL6MP-H-400-4CCFJ400JW.PDF  CCFJ450JW450562.5TBD604BL6MP-H-450-4CCFJ450JW.PDF  CCFJ500JW500625TBD604BL6MP-H-500-4CCFJ500JW.PDF  CCFJ1000JW10001250TBD620V12MP-H-1000-4CCFJ1000JW.PDFCCFJ1100JW11001375TBD620V12MP-H-1100-4CCFJ1100JW.PDFCCFJ1500JW15001875TBD620V16MP-H-1500-4CCFJ1500JW.PDF60Hz HND Marine Generator Data Sheet (1800rpm)Genset ModelRated powerHechai EngineMarathon AlternatorPDF DownloadkwkvaEngine ModelAlternator ModelCCFJ200JW200250TBD234V6MP-H-200-4CCFJ200JW.PDF    CCF270JJW270337.5TBD234V8MP-H-270-4CCFJ270JJW.PDF  CCF400JJW400500TBD234V12MP-H-400-4CCFJ400JJW.PDF  CCF550JJW550687.5TBD604BL6MP-H-550-4CCFJ550JJW.PDF  CCF850JJW8501063TBD620V8MP-H-850-4CCFJ850JJW.PDF  CCF1200JJW12001500TBD620V12MP-H-1200-4CCFJ1200JJW.PDF

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