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Hollow-fiber Water Purification System

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Product Description
Application:garbage filterring liquid, sewage of food & beverage, paper-making, printing and dyeing, eiderdown, butcher, chemical industries, and also sanitary sewage. Advantages:1.excellent performance for chemical tolerance 2.good antifouling performance 3.low through resistance 4.high permeate fluxtechnical parameter:model No.dimension   (mm)aperture diameter (mm/mm)area   (square meter/pc)operation pressure (Mpa)PHwater output(m³/pc/day)JBR-MF01φ150x13500.224≤0.122-124-6JBR-MF02φ90x11050.27≤0.122-121.2-2testing modelφ50x3500.21.2≤0.122-121. Pressure: the highest instant system pressure is no more than 0.12Mpa, long-term operation pressure is 0.05-0.12Mpa.2. Temperature: the highest inlet temperature is no more than 45 degree(short-term cleaning), lon-term operation temperature is 10-35 degree.3. Membrane components should avoid strong acid and alkaline, short-term cleaning concentration of alkaline (NaOH) should be less than 0.5%, long-term operation PH value should be 2-12.Chloros cleaning: cleaning with 200-500ppm water solution which is for microbe pollution for 30-60mins.PVDF hollow fiber:pore size 0.03-0.1μm0.1-0.2μm

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