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Homemade Small Cnc Stone Router Cutting Etching Engraver For Sale S6090c

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Homemade Small CNC Stone Router Cutting Etching Engraver for Sale
Model: S6090C

This cnc router engraver is a small cnc stone router for granite marble stone engraving etching. 600*900mm working area, combined with diamond cutter bits, widely used for granite lettering, engraving small letters into marble, wood, plastic, etc. 

Homemade CNC Stone Machine Applicable Materials:

Sandstone, marble, granite, all kinds of artificial stone, glass, stone and other stone type materials. And other MDF, stone panels, planed boards, cork, native stone, PVC, gypsum, color plates, aluminum plate, hibiscus board, plexiglass, acrylic, ABS, light box, light guide, horn, metal, all kinds of hard plastic and so on.


Small Stone Cutting Machine Features:

1. High-strength body design and the Y-axis dual-motor drive/ a more rational design/ processing speed/ easy maintenance/ low failure.

2. Y-axis adopts double motor driving with the best motor to ensure smooth movement.

3. Adopt rack and pinion transmission, fast speed with high precision and big strength.

4. Adopt imported square linear guide ways, high capacity and long life time.

5. Adopt full-excellent mechanical and electrical design and select carefully various electrical

6. The machine bed is equipped with water sink and automatic water supply cooling system.

7. Full-automatic oiling lubrication system. You just push the button and the maintenance can be easily completed.

8. All dustproof and waterproof design can all-round protect transmission components of the equipment.

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