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Homogenized Meal

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If you are going to buy customized bulk homogenized meal made in China or check the price and quotation with one of the leading homogenized meal manufacturers and suppliers in China or a such factory, please feel free to contact Nutrition Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.Homogenized mealThe sustained enteral nutrition support with homogenate diet effectively improves the nutritional condition, decreases the gastrointestinal complications, and increases survival rate in severe head injury patients.【Formula Features】1.Well preserved nutrition from natural food under freeze dry technique.2.Made from natural foods, and the nutrition fact equal to normal diets’. a balance diet with enough energy, proper & completed nutrition and is well-proportioned. Also improve people’s negative nitrogen balance rapidly and immunity, and maintain the structure and function of gut.3.Rich in natural vitamins, trace elements and dietary fiber, efficiently prevent constipation.【User indication】:Suitable to patient with fine gastrointestinal function, patient in the rehabilitation period, patient in demand of meal replacement diets or homely enteral nutrition supplements. Especially suitable for patients with brain injury, cancer or patients after surgery..【Usage and Dosage】Pour warm((50 ℃ or so) water into a sterilized feeding bottle/container Mix warm water with 40g of formula powder.Then, add 130ml warm water and mix evenly.1.Recommended daily dosage as complete meal replacement diet, 320g~480g daily.2.Recommended daily dosage as part meal replacement diet, 160g~240g daily.3.Recommended daily dosage as nutrition supplements, 180g~160g daily.4.Critically ill patients please take only as directed by doctor or nutritionist.Dosage of powderAmount of waterTotal amountEnergy40g140ml175ml164kcal480g1680ml2100ml1973kcal500g1750ml2187ml2055kcal1000g3500ml4375ml4110kcal【Important notice】The following patients are forbidden to use this formula: 1.with enteral feed contraindication, ex. complete intestinal obstruction.2.with inborn errors of metabolism.Please take cautions to serve below patients:1.with severe abdominal infection or with liver and kidney dysfunction2.with severe diarrhea or with malabsorption3.with lactose intoleranceNutrition factsItemContent of per 100gNRV%Energy1720KJ20%Protein16.0g27

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