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Honeycomb Energy Absorbers

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Honeycomb Energy AbsorbersAluminum honeycomb core is an ideal energy absorber and provides a distinctive advantage over other energy absorbing materials in the market. It has a high crush strength-to-weight ratio, a linear force curve with a constant load, and it absorbs energy over a long stroke. Cells collapse and buckle on themselves, providing a predictable load that can be modified by the use of various alloys, foil thicknesses, cell sizes, and cell configurations.Aluminum honeycomb possesses remarkable kinetic energy absorbing properties. The honeycomb crushes under load in a uniform way, preventing damage to the supporting structure. Being virtually free of rebound and lighter than alternative materials, aluminum honeycomb is one of the most reliable, efficient and practical energy absorbing materials available.. Honeycomb energy absorbers are widely used in the automotive industry for impact protection and crash test barriers. Honeycomb’s energy absorbing properties are also used in the nuclear and aerospace industries. In the rail industry, aluminum honeycomb is the ideal materials for buffers, fenders and driver protection. The honeycomb, which is partially pre-crushed to eliminate peak loading, greatly reduces the risk of structural damage during impact. The low weight of aluminum honeycomb makes it easy to handle, install and replace, with very little maintenance. The honeycomb is readily shaped and configured to produce energy absorbers which accommodate a variety of requirements, from constant to variable and high to low 'g’ forces. Hexcel’s extensive honeycomb manufacturing facilities and reliable processes enable very narrow tolerances on crush strengths to be met. A wide range of crush strengths can be achieved, from 0.175MPa to 55MPa. Honeycomb energy absorbers are typically integrated into the front section of the driver unit, covering the full frontal width from beneath the window to the buffers. Machined cut-aways accommodate the high intensity headlights.

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